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Despite charges, parents back daycare director

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Just hours after the director of an East Albany daycare was arrested on charges of failing to report abuse that led to the death of a toddler, parents of children who attend Springs Little Citizens Learning Academy rallied in support of 49-year-old Glenda Brown.

Brown was led out of the daycare on Radium Spring Road Tuesday afternoon in handcuffs. 

Investigators say she knew 19-month old Janaysia Stevenson had been beaten before her death on March 29th but failed to notify authorities as required by law.

Parents say they find it difficult to believe the person they describe as caring and trustworthy would allow abuse to go unreported.

"I was absolutely shocked," said Scott Shirley. His 4-year-old son has attended Little Citizens since he was an infant.

"These charges are trumped up and it's ridiculous," he said.

Supporters of Brown and Springs Little Citizens Learning Academy gathered outside a Putney home to express their outrage over her arrest. They say their children have been in good hands with Brown and could never imagine her not reporting the abuse of a little Janaysia Stevenson if she had knowledge it was going on.

"I'm in absolute disbelief," said Sasha Simmons. "Ms. Brown, who was not even her (Janaysia) teacher, but her teacher and Ms. Brown, all the women at Springs Little Citizens, would have noticed. They would have noticed and they would have said something," she said.

Parents say Brown was the first to contact them if their child came in with even a small scrape or bruise.

"She's always contacted us if anything went wrong, or if there was any kind of altercation, or any kind of bruise. She's always been really hands on and fantastic," said Diane Golden.

"If Rhett went to school with a bump or a scratch or something, she would call us on the phone. This would happen anytime these things would happen that little kids have," Shirley said.

And they say other parents share the same sentiment.

"Everyone there corroborates the same thing; She calls. She calls if your child falls down or gets sick. She calls if your child doesn't eat well," Simmons said.

They want to see Brown's name cleared and see her get her job back at the daycare, one they say they'll continue to send their kids to despite the accusations.

"I will have my kids back there tomorrow," said Simmons.

The parents say they don't where the allegations against Brown came from, but said they were never questioned about any possible wrong doing at the day care center.

Glenda Brown is charged with a misdemeanor. If convicted, she could lose her license to work in a day care center.

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