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Storm keeps tree removal services busy

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -   Harper Tree Service got around three dozen calls about downed trees from Dawson to Lee County to Albany.

They say now is the time to take down diseased or dead trees before Mother Nature brings them down.

Clean up crews stayed busy with the top of a pine tree that spiraled through the roof of a Vintage Road home.

"It blew it over about 40 foot from the tree on top of the house," said Lee Harper of Harper Tree Service.

Crews brought down the rest of the tree, and as a precaution took down another dead pine, not too far from the house, and with the winds today they worry there will be more.

"With the winds today, it can still blow down stuff that maybe cracked up in the air," Harper said.

Across the county line in Lee County, it was the familiar sound of chainsaws and a chipper, making quick work of a Bradford Pear uprooted in the winds. "They have a pretty small root system, they don't have a tap root like a pine tree does that goes straight down."

Tree services say now is the time to check your trees before your have crews working in your yard. "It's a whole lot better to take it down while its standing, rather than make a claim on your insurance when it comes towards your house.

In fact your insurance company may drop you if you don't drop a dead tree. "Probably in the last two months, we've had about 10 calls from the insurance companies where there's limbs over the house that they want them taken back, then they'll renew your policy," Harper.

Insurance companies nationwide are sending letters to homeowners urging them to take care of problems in their yards or face higher rates because they've warned you.

Insurance agents say the average cost to take down a tree is around $500, but it can be cheaper than home repair if mother nature brings it down.

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