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Star students shine bright

The Student Teacher Achievement Recognition program has been around for more than 50 years. It's one of many programs the Albany Chamber of Commerce sponsors.

Recently six teachers and students received awards for their commitment to education. For the star program students have to be in the top ten percent of their class.

Davidson Goldsmith stood out among the rest because of his SAT Score. He made a 2190 out of 2400 and will represent Albany at the District Competition.

Goldsmith has a photographic memory. "I was sort of lucky or blessed I guess," he said. 

"He memorized things very quickly and he's had wonderful teachers at Deerfield," said his Mother Kim Goldsmith. 

He is a senior at Deerfield-Windsor High School. Goldsmith received an award from the Albany Chamber of Commerce for his hard work. "It's nice to get a good score. And it makes you feel good that hard work pays off," he said.

"People don't usually share their S A T scores. We were hoping that he'd win," said Kim Goldsmith. 

Growing up, Goldsmith noticed he was a little different. "I always liked to be with other students and not separate my self from them. It just sort of happened," he said.  

David gives credit to his mom and dad who never gave up on him. "I have to be nagged a lot. I sort of feel sorry for them having to tell me things over and over," he said. 

"Hopefully there will be better things in his the future. As long as he does his best that's what we'll be proud of," said Kim Goldsmith. 

Although UGA is in his sights, it's not clear on what his major will be. "I put on my application history, but that may change. I'm looking to go to college and explore as many options as I can," he said. 

This award is just the beginning of what he hopes to accomplish. "I want to be in a position where I can do a lot of good in the community," said Goldsmith. 

With a S A T score of 2190, his future looks like very bright. Goldsmith graduates In May from Deerfield-Windsor.

There were five other students and teachers who received awards. Amber Benson attends Albany High School and won an award.

Robbie Smith from Byne Christian School was recognized.  Adrian Wilson is the star student from Monroe High School.

Sherwood Christian's Academy star student is Mary Margaret Charles. Morgan Smith was given an award and attends Westover High School.

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