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Albany State's Chief of Police is calling it quits

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany State's Chief of Police is calling it quits.  After 31 years in law enforcement, Roberson Brown is retiring.

He says he plans to spend the next stage of his life traveling and focusing on his family, being a good husband and a good father.

This is actually Brown's second time retiring.  He did that once before after working for the Miami police department for 24 years.  He actually came to Albany planning to teach.  He ended up transforming a department.

Roberson Brown is turning in his badge, for a bride.

After five and a half years as Albany State's Police Chief, Brown is moving on and out of Albany.

He said, "I've enjoyed my tenure and time here at Albany State and got married to my beautiful wife Tomeka.  Now it's time to do something different.  Be a full time husband and father to my kids and enjoy life a little."

Brown says he's proud of the work he was able to do while at ASU.  He turned a public safety department into a certified police force.  Brown said, "When I came here, the department had some challenges.  It was not structured properly."

Not everyone liked Brown's by the book approach.  But that didn't bother him.  If people wanted to leave, he let them.  If they didn't deserve to stay, he let them go.

He said, "Those that didn't get on board are no longer here, cause I set standards, I kept raising the bar consistently.  You had to either keep up, or you could not be a part of this department."

Brown's new bride Tomeka says she's proud of the work she's seen her husband accomplish and looks forward to spending retirement with Robby, as she calls him. She said, "We're just elated to be able to travel to countries that we haven't had the chance to and be active parents with the kids."

After being active in law enforcement for three decades. Brown said, "There's more to life than police work and 31 years is a long time.  That's enough I think.  I've accomplished a lot."

Now, he's looking forward to a life of love and leisure, and never working again.  The Browns are moving to North Carolina.  They say they've done their homework into good school systems and say they found that in Raleigh.

Chief Brown's last day is February 28th.

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