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It's a perfect day for a ride

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA-The warmer temperatures and clear skies have more people getting active outside. In fact the weather affects how many Harley Davidson's are sold in Tifton.

How does nice temperatures relate to motorcycles?  From Suzuki, Kawasaki and Harley Davidson you have a choice when it comes to bikes. But if the weather isn't just right, you might as well leave it parked in the garage.

With a great forecast expect to see more bikes on the roads. "If you got a motorcycle with some noise that's the best part. Man look at this weather what's not to like," said David Brunelle.  

"When it gets warm people come out and buy motorcycles," said Harley Davidson General Manager Keith Holden.

David Brunelle is retired military. And he fell in love with his 2002 Harley Davidson Road King. "Military and bikes go together and that's where the connection comes in at," said Brunelle.  

Another part of that equation is clear blue sunny skies. When it rains you can't ride. "The weather is a little cool right now. With the weather just like this there's no bugs out," said Brunelle. 

"When the sun comes out you feel better about yourself," said Holden. 

The sales for Harley's almost double during spring and summer. "The freedom out on the road and the wind in your hair," said Holden. 

"It's not  about the wind being in the face; but it's about the noise and having a Harley Davidson," said Brunelle. 

To ride one of these babies, you need glasses, a leather jacket and 20 thousand dollars. "To me it's just not for sale. It's worth millions to me; because of the way I've personalized it," said Brunelle.  

"Payments are low as five dollars a day. You're looking at $150 a month to own one of these. It's very affordable," said Holden.  

And there's no denying gas will go a lot further in a motorcycle than a car. "When it comes to putting gas in this, it doesn't even compare to a car," said Brunelle.  

"All the Harley's get 40 plus miles a gallon. So it's really a cheap form of transportation," said Holden. 

 At the Harley store in Tifton they have bikes in all models and colors. Payment plans are available for those who qualify.

In 1903 the Harley Davidson brand started in Milwaukee, WI.  Visit Harley to find out more on the brand.

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