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Will 'roundabout' help Lover's Lane traffic?

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  If you drive on Lover's Lane Road, you know the dangers of the intersection with North Jefferson Street, and now the DOT has recommended creating a roundabout at that site. But county leaders say that's overkill, and would likely slow traffic too much.

Five o'clock means rush hour traffic, but people going home isn't the problem at this intersection. Rather it's the morning commute, when folks are trying to turn left from Lover's Land to Jefferson that's a bear.

Bob Fowler has lived on Lover's Lane road for more than 50 years. Traffic has changed a lot over the past five decades.  "I've seen it move from just a few cars to lots of cars. There is congestion," he said.

About 9,000 cars pass through here on Jefferson in the morning. Another 7,000 travel Lover's Lane. The main problem, is the Lover's Lane traffic turning onto Jefferson, especially in the mornings.

"Granted there are times when it backs up down Lover's Lane, but the wait's not all that long." Fowler says a turn lane may need to be installed, but doesn't think a roundabout is the answer. 

"I think if you really want trouble, you're asking for it."

Dougherty Co. Commissioner Ewell Lyle agrees.  "It's definitely something that needs to be looked at, but probably not to that scale."

Three years ago the county asked the state to consider installing a traffic light, but they just recently suggested the roundabout instead. Lyle says it could add to the problem rather than helping, especially as more home construction down Lover's Lane is finished. 

 "We think it's probably overkill right now, and maybe sometime in the future it will develop into something that's more needed."

As for now, it looks like the roundabout solution to ease traffic congestion is to do nothing.

Another problem with a roundabout here is that it would require a lot of space. Plus, if drivers aren't used to them, they can be confusing to deal with.

Right now, the county administrator is going to go back to the Georgia Department of Transportation and see if there are any other options for the intersection.

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