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Life-saver would do it all again

This was the fiery scene in the northbound lanes of Highway 19 early Tuesday morning. This was the fiery scene in the northbound lanes of Highway 19 early Tuesday morning.

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  The heroic action of a Colquitt County man likely saved a trucker's life after a fiery crash. Cory Jarvis didn't think twice when Cody Murphy called for his help. He rushed into the flames to help pull the boy's father, Ralph, to safety.

Most people don't run towards flames, they run the other direction, but not Cory Jarvis. He believes his brief training as a volunteer firefighter helped him help save the Murphys.

Cory Jarvis was standing in the parking lot at Equity Group when he heard the two semis collide. "I was talking to one of my friends and we heard a loud explosion, so I jumped in my car and ran, drove down to them," he said.

When he stopped at the crash site Cody Murphy yelled for his help. "Cody, which is the son, ran around the back of the truck yelling 'help me, this is my daddy, help me!'"

The two struggled to free Ralph Murphy. "He was stuck from ankle down, the dash board had collapsed in on him and the rest of his body was leaning out of the truck and we were pulling on his shoulders and pulled him out."

Cory didn't have much to protect him from the heat, but that didn't matter. "You could hear things burning, the tires popping from the fire. I didn't have nothing on but a tank top and I was the closest one to the fire pulling him out."

Today the bandages on his arm protect the second degree burns. "I could feel it, really bad it was starting to singe through my shirt I was wearing."

He's also sore from the ordeal of getting Ralph Murphy away from the truck in the nick of time.

"Whenever we got to the side of the road, we just kind of fell to the ground and I'm a little sore from where I fell, I fell pretty hard."

He stayed by Cody's side even on the way to the hospital. "As they were putting him into the ambulance I told him, I'm here, I'm not going to leave, I'm going to call your wife and let her know you're on your way to the hospital."

Would he do it again? You bet! "I've always been raised to help people and when you see somebody who needs help like that you just can't turn away from it."

Cory wasn't looking to be a hero, just to lend a hand. He says if that makes him a hero, then that's okay. He's just satisfied knowing he did what was in his heart to help his fellow man. 

Cory Jarvis hopes to meet up with Cody and Ralph Murphy soon. He told me he was able to speak to their families in the waiting room at the hospital after the accident and they thanked him for helping to save Ralph.

He says he feels bonded to the Murphys and hopes they can become friends.

Police charged the Tennessee truck driver, Norman Larue, with failure to yield. Other charges are pending.

Ralph Murphy underwent surgery at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital and is recovering.

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