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Sandwich shop gets unwelcome addition

Charles Hollis is in jail, charged with DUI Charles Hollis is in jail, charged with DUI

By Jay Polk - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Fifty seven year old Charles Hollis is in jail, charged with DUI, after he ran his car into a popular sandwich shop on the city's west side.

A car was not part of Terry Lee's expansion plans. Lee is the owner of Old World Sandwich Shoppe on Albany's west side. And he was thinking about making some improvements, including adding a drive through.

But now... "I have a drive in," Lee said.

Shortly before Noon, Hollis came here for lunch, but the skid marks on the floor tell the story of a quick stop for lunch gone terribly wrong.

"He was pulling into the parking lot, and mashing the gas and driving on through instead of the brake," said Albany Police Cpl. Jon Segroves.

Terry Lee's has a loyal following and today there were about a dozen people in the restaurant when the car plowed into it. Pat Jarrett was one of those people. It was a special day for her. "My friend has had the shingles for several days, and I invited her out to lunch and she wanted to go to Terry Lee's."

Most of the time that they come here, they pick a spot near the window at the front of the restaurant, but today Jarrett had another idea.  "I didn't want to sit at that table, so I went to the back."

A few minutes into their lunch, her decision proved to be a wise one. The table where they've sat dozens of times was pushed back several feet by the impact.

Those who were here when this car smashed into the building, quickly realized how lucky they were. 

"When it was all over and we could catch our breath I said 'Boy, God is good,'" said Jarrett.

Lee says that while the damage was extensive, it could have been much worse. "We were lucky, normally there's a line out the door."

Because it wasn't as crowded as usual, no one was hurt.

Jarrett said that she plans to come back to Terry Lee's when it re-opens for lunch, hoping that next time it won't be quite so eventful.

Terry Lee says that he's still waiting to hear from the driver's insurance company. He says that he's hoping to re-open in about a week.

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