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Serenade your sweetheart today

On Valentine's day, most people buy flowers and candy to express their love. But what about using songs that may possible melt your heart?

That's exactly what the Albany Singing Valentines have been doing for the past three years. As a Barbershop Quartet that sings Acapella.

Serenading your sweetheart is something they would just love to do, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. Besides nothing says I love you like a song.

"We come together three days before and we got it. We're pretty much in sync," said Lead singer Randy Harrell.  They're called the Albany Singing Valentine's. Morgan sings base. Chase holds down the tenor note.  Zack is the baritone.

"I'm the lead and I'm awesome," said Harrell.  Wherever they go, smiles and applause are sure to follow. We followed them delivering a singing valentine at the Corner cafe and....... Orthopedics and Associates. "Reactions are anywhere from laughter, to crying and even complete embarrassment, and running away," said Harrell.  

And during the songs you can tell the person is thinking about that special someone. "I think it's the fact when we're singing the songs. They start thinking about the person who sent it," said Harrell. 

Playing cupid is a part-time job for the guys. Zack and Chase are musicians. Morgan is an actor. "I had to actually put in a vacation of 5 days to do this. I'm getting paid for this and my vacation," said Harrell.

You pick the song that will make your valentine light up when they hear it. "We have five base songs and we give customers the choices. And we let them decide the songs they want sang," said Harrell.  

From prisons to churches and even the country club, as long as it's not to far from Albany they'll sing. The strangest place they ever had to sing was at a prison to an inmate.

The group has two singing packages. The basic which includes two songs for $50 dollars. And the premium costs $75 which includes two songs, a box of chocolates and a single red rose.

If you would like to hear more from the Albany Singing Valentine's call (423)284-4780.

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