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County drainage system improvements underway

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email 

DOUGHERTY COUNTY, GA (WALB) - We've had a rainy start to the year. It's nothing compared to the spring of 2009 when many areas around south Georgia flooded.

Dougherty County reassessed its entire drainage system after that and came up with a list of areas that needed work to prevent flooding.

Dougherty County Public Works Director, Larry Cook, takes a look at the project off Holly drive. Crews built the two acre pond off Bettys drive near the College Park a subdivision. It's supposed to hold two back-to-back six inch rain storms. The $200,000 project is one of 11 key areas with flooding problems.

"We've identified these areas, we've designed them, and now we're in the process of upgrading this area," said Cook. "This particular area we've probably been working on for a couple of weeks."

Soon this pump will funnel water through 20-inch plastic pipes. So crews have installed about 1,100 feet of this pipe. It will go down Holly drive to another existing drainage ditch. They have about 2,700 feet to go.

Once roughly 3,800 ft. of pipes are installed, storm water will flow into this drainage ditch and dump into the Flint River. 

It's a comforting thought for Patricia James who lives near Toni Lynne Lane, which is one street over from Bettys drive. During the flood of 2009, her pond overflowed and damaged her garden.

Next time flood levels rise, a portable pump will push water into the bigger pond which will eventually flow into the river.

"I think it's a great thing and it will stop from having so much water build up in my yard," said James.

In 2009, rain water flooded at least eight to 10 homes in the College Park subdivision. Depending on weather the project along Holly Drive is expected to wrap up in about a month. 

After the flood of '09 the county identified 48 problem areas. Out of the 11 key areas, six are complete. This will be the seventh. This group alone will cost roughly $650,000 in splost funding.

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