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Technology and vehicles pair up to keep you connected

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) -   If you watched the SuperBowl Sunday night, you probably saw the Chevrolet commercial that touted technology that allows your car to check your facebook status updates.

Pretty amazing, huh! How about checking your oil or your car's performance from your cell phone. You can even remote start the car with a simple app. and as we found out this car and even help you check your facebook page.

In 2008 one in 10 had a smart phone, but by the end of this year that number will jump to one in two. Those who have them wouldn't trade them for the world.

"Pretty much everything I want to do is right here at my fingertips," said Jennifer Ford, a Smartphone User.

"Love it, If I didn't have it, I don't know what I'd do," said Ramona Chaney, a Smartphone User.

Just ask Justin at Alltel.

"They're calling or stopping by in the mall stopping by asking when's my date to upgrade, when can I get a smart phone," said Justin Carter, Alltel-Albany Mall.

Likely because the technology is more affordable than ever.

"It's just cheaper than it was last year or the year before, it's cheaper to have a smart phone," said Carter.

Chevrolet is now pairing that access and technology in its new vehicles starting with the Chevy Cruise.

"In less than five years all cars will be equipped with Bluetooth and a rear camera," said Hilton Longshore, of Prince Chevrolet.

In about two minutes using Bluetooth, you can sync your car and phone, watch.

"Hit your Bluetooth phone button, Bluetooth, Pair, Pair please start a search on your phone. Once your search is complete please select your vehicle on your phone. The enter the code 2581," said Longshore.

Give yourself an identifying name and your set to program phone numbers, your facebook access, as seen in the Superbowl commercial all voice activated and hands free.

"You're steering wheel's got most of your features now that most people use," said Longshore.

It's standard on most cars, because staying connected when your out and about is what most are looking for. Chevrolet is debuting the technology on the Chevy Cruze, but there are several models that will be equipped with the technology.

A dealer can help you get set up before you leave the lot. For more information on the technology you can log onto


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