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Accused killer questioned in gang burglary ring

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - That Northwest Albany burglary ring busted last week is apparently part of a drug and theft ring that involves gang members and an accused killer.

A man charged with murder was questioned at one of three homes raided Friday and Saturday.

Antonio Seay is charged with gunning down a Butts County man last year outside an East Albany business.  He says Police are targeting him and his family for no reason.

21 year old Antonio Seay says he was right where he was supposed to be Saturday, in his home on house arrest for murder, when SWAT and Gang Unit agents raided the East Society house.

Antonio Seay and his brother and friend were in their home Saturday afternoon when SWAT officers fired a smoke grenade through the front door, and handcuffed everyone inside.

Seay said "They just keep putting me on the news, spreading me. Trying to make me look like a bad person. And I'm not anywhere near that kind of bad person they are trying to make me seem."

Since the arrest of two burglary suspects Thursday, Albany Police and Gang Unit Investigators have arrested ten people in at least three raids.

Albany Police Gang Unit Lt. Tony Moore said "It would appear that gangs are utilizing stolen property, drugs, alcohol sales to fund their operations."

After arresting his 19 year old sister Tenesha, Police raided the Seay family on East Society, seizing liquor, drugs, and money.

Seay said "We had a super bowl party. They took our liquor. I don't know what they talking about."

Wearing his electronic monitor on his ankle since being released on bond last week, Seay says he has not been part of any burglary ring.

Seay said "I can't go nowhere. I'm chillin. I ain't been doing nothing. Man, I'm straight."

District Attorney Greg Edwards said "I guess he can't account for what others are doing prior to him getting home, but certainly he is part of this investigation, if he is there and criminal activity is going on."

But Police say many Albany gangs are what they call home grown gangs, with just people who go out and commit crimes together. The District Attorney says he is glad to see the gang unit raiding houses where burglars are selling stolen property.

Edwards said "these houses where everything is being consolidated are searched. Property recovered, and cut off the funding source for gang activity."

Antonio Seay and his brother were questioned Saturday and released.

Seay said "I ain't member of no gang. I don't know why they keep messing with my people. We just keep going through stuff. I ain't worried about it. God on our side."

Police say these raids are working.

Moore said "It is opening up new information, and I do see more arrests coming."

The D.A. says cutting off funding to gangs is one way to try to shut them down. Antonio Seay says he has not been part of any of that.

Antonio Seay was charged with murder in the beating death of man outside an East Albany library in 2008, but those charges were dropped. He is now awaiting trial for LeSheldon Stanford.

The East Side Mafia family gang was implicated in the Brick House Production murder along with Seay.

Police think one gang is leading this burglary ring they're breaking up, but they're not sure of its name yet.

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