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FL man caught up in Luke Bryan facebook hoax

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -   More information on that bogus Luke Bryan facebook profile. We've learned that a Florida man actually quit his job after being invited to tour with Luke Bryan.

Problem is, it wasn't Luke Bryan who invited him, but a man posing as Bryan. Now he has a warning for others, technology can mask someone's true identity.

Ken Webb turned in his two week notice on his job and was getting ready to go to Nashville when he finally caught on to the hoax. He called police in Tennessee.

Touring with Luke Bryan sounded too good to be true for Ken Webb of Middleburg, Florida. It was. His daughter got in touch with who she thought was Luke Bryan through facebook, sending him tapes of her father, an aspiring musician. That triggered more communication.

"She started an IM conversation with him and this conversation went on for several hours," said Ken Webb.

Who they believed to be Luke Bryan, put them in contact with a man named Jason Bowen. They exchanged personal information and Bowen invited Webb to join him and Bryan on a non-existent tour.

"We were absolutely convinced he was with Luke Bryan, we were absolutely convinced my music was, that this individual Jason Bowen liked my music, that he was on tour with Luke Bryan and that I was to join that tour as the bus driver," said Webb.

And, a song writer. Convinced because they found tour information online. After our story yesterday, Bowen disappeared from facebook and his name is no longer on a web site that claims he's touring with Luke Bryan. There's no evidence that Jason Bowen created the fake Luke Bryan profile.

"This person actually gave my daughter Mr & Mrs Bryan's home phone number and he had the text rerouted so that when my daughter texted what she later found out was Mr. & Mrs Bryan's personal home phone number the text were actually rerouted to this Jason Bowen," said Webb.

Easily done in a smart phone app. Webb alerted police.

"We forget sometimes that the word fan is short for fanatic. I believe this person filled the role of fanatic all too well," said Webb.

His dreams of touring with Bryan are dashed, and he doesn't want anyone else taken in by this hoax.

Is any of this illegal, authorities can't say, when it comes to the Internet the law is gray. Then there's also the question of jurisdiction, local police say in this case it's usually in federal authorities hands. According to Luke Bryan's manager the incident remains under investigation.

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