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Fake Luke Bryan facebook page taken down

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By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  A Social Media alert! If you think you're facebook friends with country music star Luke Bryan, you've been duped.

A very personal Luke Bryan facebook profile was created a few weeks ago. It included photographs of the musician, his wife, and children. The creator of the page took great steps to convince people he was really Luke Bryan.

We now know there's someone out there falsely claiming to be a musician who's on tour with Bryan. Luke Bryan does have an official fan facebook page, with more than 647,000 Wednesday Bryan's manager told us Bryan appreciates his fans and he doesn't want anyone to be misled.

This is Luke Bryan, this is Luke Bryan, and this is Luke Bryan, but this is not his personal facebook page. It was created by an imposter who posted personal pictures, sent friend requests, chatted, and even signed emails as Luke. Luke Bryan had nothing to do with it.

"The problem with the Internet is there's such anonymity, anyone can be anything," said Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards.

The bogus page was taken down Tuesday night after people caught on and police are investigating.

"Unless you have a video camera and are looking directly at the person, you really don't know who that person is," said Edwards.

Then this, a web site that claims Luke Bryan is accompanied on his tour by Jason Bowen. Bryan's manager tells us they've never heard of Jason Bowen. There's no proof that Bowen created the fake Luke Bryan profile, but it did have several posts promoting Bowen as a rising musician. The fake Luke Bryan even contacted Dawn Hobby about an interview of Jason Bowen. It can be dangerous, especially for teenagers, chatting with a person posing to be someone else.

"1,200 kids last year who were actually missing for enticing, actually dealing with a person on the Internet," said Greg Blackmon, District Attorney Investigator.

That's why they encourage everyone to think twice before you post any picture or personal information.

"You should never reveal where you're actually living, putting your date of birth, your birthday, I wouldn't do that, that's definitely a no, no," said Blackmon.

Luke Bryan's mother tells us the facebook hoax has been a nightmare, and that the family's personal information was shared without their knowledge or permission. Who wouldn't want to be friends a star like Bryan, who's typically generous with his fans.

The problem is, how do you know your new cyber relationship is legit. So, be careful who you befriend. Investigators could only speculate why someone poses as someone they're not, they say they do it for the fantasy and the adventure of being someone else.

Luke Bryan does have a legitimate facebook fan page. He is currently on tour. This week, he's in New Orleans and Mississippi. Next week, he's headed to Michigan.

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