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Homeless Veteran will have to go

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  A homeless veteran, living under a bridge, has now been evicted from his make-shift home. We brought you a story with Army Veteran Colin Bailey last week. He lives underneath the bridge at the bypass and Slappey Boulevard in Albany.

Thursday, law enforcement hauled away his trash and also told him they'll be back for the rest of his belongings if he doesn't leave soon.

When people saw Bailey's belongings being hauled away, they contacted us at the station. I sat down with Bailey under the bridge this morning. We talked about his life on the streets and the news he got today wasn't all bad. @

"I don't care what corner of this town I come in, try to stay in, I get runoff."

Where else have you been that you got runoff? "Everywhere. Abandoned houses, old cars, abandoned buildings. I'm trying to survive. Trying to survive. Stay away from people."

"I got to tolerate all this weather, all these crazy-ass maniacs going up and down the road all night and day. It's hard enough putting up with myself."

"And they said, give me just a few amount of days to get my s*** out of here, if not, they're gonna come back and throw it away, that's including my food, my clothes."

"That guy from the V. A. Department says he gonna bring his truck down here and try to get me another place to stay. First, they're going to send me to Dublin, they gonna get me reevaluated."

You want some help? "I need it." 

If you can find a warm home and get some help, you'll take that? "Yes."

Because nobody wants to live under a bridge, right? "I ain't crazy about it, but I have to for now, see."

Bailey tells me four of his brothers served in Vietnam, but only one of them returned alive. Bailey panhandles to make a living.

He says he gets his food, water and clothing from people who drop those items off at the bridge.

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