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16 arrested in Albany drug sting

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Drug agents arrested 16 people in a sting at an Albany drug house.

Investigators say the house on 9th Avenue was a drive up, curb side drug store.

Agents raided the house, but didn't find any drugs in the house. Interestingly though, while they were there, people started driving up asking to buy pills.

Drug agents raided the central Albany home Friday afternoon. Even during the raid people kept driving up to buy drugs. We went to the house today, and the crowd there said they are doing nothing wrong.

This is the house in the 500 block of Ninth Avenue where the drug raid went down Friday just after noon.

Jackie Robinson said "Just kicked in the door and come through with big guns. They bad."

ADDU drug agents say as they raided the house, people would drive into the yard and pull up next to the fence at the burn barrel, wanting to buy pills.

ADDU Commander Major Bill Berry said "Even with us wearing police logos on our clothes, and approach and try to buy pills and different types of drugs. So we continued to stay out there. Set up shop, and did a sting operation until about 9:30 that night."

About a dozen people were there Wednesday, playing ball and hanging around the burn barrel. They say that was all they were doing then.

 Man who did not want to show face or give name said "Nobody at the house got arrested. It was the people they got coming through the street."

Drug agents arrested 16 people in all. One whose mother drove him to the house. A man with his wife, and three kids in the car. Longtime drug agents say they were amazed that for more than 9 hours customers pulled up to the house wanting to buy drugs.

 Berry said "We had one where we were taking down a subject. Arresting a subject. Had two marked units, blue lights going. Me pulled up beside them with blue lights going, and they drove around us to pull in. Drove around us to pull in trying to get dope."

The people at the house today say they were doing nothing wrong.  It was the drug agents forcing pills at people who just drove up.

 Man behind shirt said "It was crooked. It was a crooked thing to do."

Drug agents say the people at the house need to make sure the curb side pill service has stopped.

 Berry said "Hopefully they'll get the message. If not we're going back."

The folks at the house said they know the drug agents will return,  and they laughed about it.

We talked to three people who say they live at that house on Ninth Avenue.  And they say there are no drugs there, just a lot of folks hanging out.

Drug agents set up the sting after getting lots of complaints about all the activity at that house.

If there's a house in your neighborhood where you suspect illegal activity is going on, call Albany Crimestoppers at 436-TIPS.

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