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Powerful storm hits So GA overnight


By Christian Jennings - bio | email 

Cuthbert, GA  (WALB) -  Cleanup is underway in several south Georgia towns. Tuesday night a severe thunderstorm ripped through the region, sending trees crashing through homes, knocking power lines down, and shutting off power to thousands of customers.

Randolph County saw the brunt of the storm, with 1,500 people without power and several homes damaged by downed trees.

People in Cuthbert woke up to a lot of noise. Debbie Plowden couldn't even get out her front door to talk to us without a little help climbing over downed trees. She was one of about 1,500 customers in Randolph County without power. "It sounded like a freight train, you could hear it roaring. Like angels and devils having a bowling ball party. It was rough!"

Her yard was a mess. "We think that one fell and then that one took that one out."

But as we drove through town we discovered almost every yard had debris or damage, some more than others.

"Next thing I knew I had a tree on the inside of the house," Willete Pitts said.

The wind was so strong it up rooted a huge tree and sent it crashing on a house. That's why crews had to remove it. "It was shaking I was shaking and all of a sudden I heard a woooo, and the next thing, I was hollering for someone to help me cause I couldn't get out cause my door wouldn't open," Pitts said.

She was home alone when the tree came tumbling down. but she wasn't hurt. "Everything is just messed up, clothes wet, furniture wet, everything wet, just a big mess."

You didn't have to tell City crews and Georgia Power workers, who were dealing with a big mess. They worked around the clock clearing roads and restoring power.

"We're on WestLake Drive, all the roadway was covered with trees at one point we couldn't get the people out," said Steven Jackson, Public Works Supervisor.   

But cluttered lawns and damaged houses can be fixed. "We thank God nobody was hurt and it was no worse than it was," Jackson said.

Now they're focus is on cleanup. Neighbors helping neighbors get things back to normal.

Power is back on in Cuthbert, but Public Works crews say they'll be cleaning up debris through the end of the week.

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