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Brooks Countians take back their neighborhoods


By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

Quitman, GA (WALB) –  Brooks Co. was hit hard by burglars last summer. Neighbors worked together to organize an extensive neighborhood watch, and it is cutting down on crime.

Brooks County citizens have a message for crooks: they're angry and if criminals cross their paths, they'll wind up in jail.

"We work hard for our stuff and this is what we need this is something that's ours and we feel violated and get upset," said Neighborhood Watch Organizer Mary Beth Peacock.

Peacock started the watch last summer after her daughter's home was burglarized. It expanded from Studstill Road to the Brooks County Triangle.

"At the first of the year there was like 50 and three months later it was double that amount and they're just really aggressive and we're just being aggressive back," Peacock said.

Sheriff Mike Dewey says with the watch in place, neighbors are calling them when they see anything out of the ordinary.

He says with the help of neighbors,they've been able to make several arrests and burglaries have decreased. "Some random, but not as frequent as they were."

The sheriff says, "guns, TVs, jewelry, anything of any value they can sell to get drugs or money, but most of it goes back to drug problems."

And when the neighbors see suspicious vehicles,  "We're watching. If it leaves my sight, Myra Mashburn, she picks it up, passes it on to Jones', and we watch it go all the way down the road," Peacock said.

Neighborhood watch signs warn thieves the residents here are keeping an eye on each other's property,and they say crooks should beware. 

Neighborhood watch members say the Brooks County Sheriff's Office taught them how to spot suspicious activity.

The group started with 30 people, but it's grown. 130 people attended a recent meeting.

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