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Pesky pests are finding ways into your home

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – No matter how hard you fight them,  bugs will somehow get inside your home.  Ants have been especially pesky for homeowners in South Georgia, and pest control agents expect that to continue in 2011.

When it comes to bugs, no one wants them in their home.  But it happens, and you just might be inviting them inside.

Julia Salter believes in preventative pest control, because the best bug is the one that doesn't find its way inside her home.  She said, "I don't want to see anything like that."

That's why she hires Arrow Exterminators to take care of the pests, from the outside in.

Jody Pate is the Regional Vice President for Arrow.  He says to keep bugs out, you've got to get rid of their access points.  He said, "Ants, cockroaches, crawl up this wall and it's a direct avenue to get into the house."

Plumbing fixtures outside are an entry point, as are bushes.  These are trimmed back away from the house, but there's something here that still is a highway for insects.  Jody Pate said, "it's a thing like this that Homeowners don't realize.  When you have a bush touching a pillar like this, they'll crawl straight up and gain access into your home."

Once inside, ants and roaches like to gather where their food source is, the same place your food is: The kitchen.  And keeping your home clean, won't necessarily keep bugs out.

Pate said, "Ants and cockroaches, or any insect for that matter, they're no different from you and I.  When it's dry outside they're going to try and get inside for moisture when it's cold outside, they're going to go inside for warmth."

And may even warm up in your bed.  Bed bugs are becoming an increasingly common problem, one Salter hopes she doesn't experience.  She said, "I would think I would just have to leave.  I think I would have to have some one fumigate or whatever."

Which is why she'll leave the pesky problems to the professionals.

As for bed bugs, the rule of thumb when traveling is, don't put your luggage on the floor, and when you get home, don't put your luggage on your bed. Instead, immediately unpack and wash your clothes.

If you get bed bugs, steam and vacuuming are the best remedies.  The five pests expected to cause the most problems in 2011 are Ants, termites, bed bugs, fleas and cockroaches.

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