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Marine family reunites as civilian marines depart

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Opposite emotions linger for south Georgia families whose loved ones are serving our country.

Several families said sad goodbyes Friday evening at Southwest Georgia Regional Airport as civilian marines left on an overseas mission.

At the same time, another family welcomed a sailor home from the war zone. Anticipation and Excitement are written across Leola Tony's face as she waits for her sailor to arrive. Her only son has safely returned from Cobble Afghanistan.

"I feel really good," said Tony. "It's a joyous occasion."

U.S. Navy Lt. Walter Tony serves on the Navy's International Assistance Force. He takes commands straight from General David Petraeus. He's home for four days to celebrate his mom's 73rd birthday.

"I need to check on momma so I don't have to worry about her when I'm gone, said Tony"

Civilian Marine James Miller's wife waves goodbye as he leaves for Kuwait. He's a heavy mobile mechanic who rebuilds MRAP vehicles marines use for combat.

"It makes me proud and I don't think there's a better job out there than re-building MRAPS," said Miller.

Cary Murray is also a mechanic who has construction projects to complete in Kuwait. He's one of five civilian marines heading off to the mid-east.

"This is my military service, family member hope they can give them the same big hug Tony gave her son Friday.

Lt. Walter Tony is on leave for two weeks. He currently lives in California, and he'll head back to Kabul, Afghanistan February 2nd.

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