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Someone is killing cats in Lowndes County

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VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) –Members of a Lake Park animal organization say they know four cats from a feral colony have been killed.

They say 30 others are missing.

The American Animal Foundation tries to control the feral cat population and adopt out some of the animals.

Now the group is keeping a closer eye on the cats. Nicole Childers takes care of Lake Park's feral cat colony. Generations of feral cats have lived there.

"They're accustomed to people coming to feed them and if you don't they'll wait here for you because they can't hunt anymore," said Nicole Childers, the American Animal Foundation director of operations.

She says four cats from this cat colony in lake Park were killed. Three shot and one cut open. A pool of blood and this cat were found by a gate behind some stores.

"We found them last Saturday and we've heard rumors that the others may have been killed but we can't confirm that," said Childers.

She says 30 are unaccounted for.

"Somebody, somewhere knows who did it and I would encourage them to either come forward or to at least protect the cats from something like that," said Childers.

The American Animal Foundation says now there are about 70 cats in the Lake Park cat colonies.

The organization wants people to be aware of the feral cat population here in Lowndes County. They say these cats are a product of people not spaying and neutering they pets.

"Cats are very innocent," said Childers. "They're out here because of animal cruelty. Someone let them out. Someone neglected them and for someone to kill them boggles my mind."

Through the foundation's pets in progress they've adopted out four cats so far.

"We trap them and take them to the vet but instead of returning them, we relocate them to a sanctuary where we can rehabilitate them and get them ready for adoption," said Childers.

And with these four deaths, the foundation is in emergency mode and closely monitoring the area to save and protect this colony of cats.

The American Animal Foundation is offering a reward to help catch the cat killers.

Click here to find out more on the organization.

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