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South Georgia Vietnam vets remember war end

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By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –38 years ago the cease fire agreement that ended American involvement in the Vietnam War was signed.

South Georgia veterans say they served their country proudly, but they were not happy with the way the war was fought or ended.

January 27, 1973, the signing of the Paris Peace Accords ended the Vietnam War.  South Georgia veterans say they were glad the fighting was over, but still today not happy with the war's end.

70 year old Nick Nicholson says he still remembers coming home from Vietnam in 1969. Nicholson said "I got spit on at the airport when I came back in uniform."

Nicholson was a staff sergeant in the Marines, fighting in the shadow of the North Vietnam border from 1968 through ' 69. And he still tells people they did not lose the Vietnam War.

Nicholson said "The sad thing about it is, if they had left us alone. The politicians had left us alone, we could have won that war in no time."

67 year old Marvin Mixon is a successful attorney today. From 1969 through 70 he was a Army First Lt. advising the South Vietnamese in the Iron Triangle. And he admits he is still emotional about the war's end.

Mixon said "I was disappointed at the time, and I'm still sort of feel disappointed. We lost a lot of good men over there."

Mixon and Nicholson agree that politics kept them from fighting and winning a war they felt could have been quickly ended.  Mixon said "We didn't lose it. We gave it up. We gave it away."

Nicholson said the tragedy of the war carried on for many veterans, including himself, because of the defoliate Agent Orange and health problems he feels it caused.

Nicholson said "They actually have killed more servicemen after the fact with different problems. I have prostate cancer, a form of lymphoma, and diabetes. Which was caused by agent orange."

Mixon said even after all these years, the Vietnam War still seems like a waste.  Mixon said "It was definitely a waste of good men. I don't know that we accomplished too much politically."

But Nicholson says he felt the war stopped the spread of Communism in Asia.

Nicholson said "A lot of people say the war wasn't worth anything. We got 58,000  Americans killed for nothing. But I disagree with that."

Both veterans agree that they served proudly in Vietnam, and today remember those who died there.

Nicholson served 30 years in the Marines. Mixon served only 3 years, but both are very active in the American Legion and helping Veterans.

A lot of Vietnam veterans are returning to visit that country today.

Mixon said he would like to go back, but Nicholson said he definitely would not ever return there.
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