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Thomasville bank robbery suspect on the run

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) –Thomasville Police need your help finding the man who robbed a Thomasville bank in broad daylight Wednesday afternoon.

The robbery led to a safety lock down at a child care center next door.

At first glance, he appeared to be a normal customer walking into the bank, but the surveillance video shows he had other intentions when he walked in.

"He presented a note to the teller that was working demanding money, and then he indicated he had a weapon on him," said Detective Toby Knifer.

The suspect walked in Thomasville National Bank in the middle of the day wearing large dark sunglasses, a black leather hat, and a large watch, but something else stood out to employees. "He has a large white bandage on his neck and it appears he also has something on his eye," said Knifer.

He was in and out in about a minute and took the cash with him on foot and because of his cool and calm demeanor most employees had no idea what happened, until he left the bank.

Bank employees reported seeing security smoke from the stolen cash coming from the driveway next door. "He was last seen fleeing the area on foot in the direction of the YMCA," said Knifer.

The bank is located next to the YMCA's Childcare Center..and a concerned bank employee called the YMCA to inform them of the situation. "They told me there was a bank robbery at the bank next to us and to lock down," said Nancy Benson, Asst. Director of Childcare.

So employees immediately took action, clearing children off the play ground and locking every door. "While we were clearing the playground one of our employees glanced over and saw someone running on the railroad tracks behind a fence," she said.

Benson says at no time did they feel they or the children were in danger, but they are thankful everything went to smooth. "We immediately took action, the police were here and we feel like the whole situation was handled beautifully," she said.

The last time the bank was robbed was in 1998.

The suspect is believed to be in his early to mid 20's, about 5 foot 7 and weighs about 180 pounds. He was wearing what appeared to be a large white bandage on the left side of his neck and another possible bandage near his left eye.

Authorities are offering a reward in the case.

If you have information call Thomasville Crime stoppers at 229-227-3305

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