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Pizza delivery drivers robbed at gunpoint

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VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) –Valdosta police are investigating two recent armed robberies targeting pizza delivery guys.

The latest happened Wednesday night when two men stole money, pizza, wings, and a cell phone. Thankfully, no one got hurt.

Wing Zone driver Ben Johnson prepares his delivery and heads out the door to Lakeside Apartments.

"We carry like 15 or 20 dollars," said Johnson.

He's not sure why robbers target delivery workers since they usually only have a little cash and credit card receipts.

"In this day everybody has debit cards credit cards so the amount of money the drivers have on them is lot less than it used to be," said Kevin Butenschon, the Wing Zone owner.

Wing zone reminds its drivers to stay safe and use common sense

"Try to keep money in different parts like some money in one pocket and maybe tip money in the other pocket," said Butenschon. "They won't go to a house if the lights are off. Now with all the drivers having cell phones they can call the customers and say can you please turn on your porch light."

Just Wednesday night a Pizza Hut delivery driver Herman Peterson was held up. Two men approached him and one of them had a gun.

The suspects took money, his cell phone pizza and wings at the 1300 block of Ponderosa Drive.

Almost three weeks ago, Papa John's delivery driver Brandon Fawcett told police seven or eight men ran up to him and held him up with a rifle, taking pizza and cash on Melrose.

Johnson says it's enough to make drivers look for new ways to protect themselves.

 "I've heard of delivery drivers carrying firearms," said Johnson.

Johnson doesn't feel like he's in enough danger to do that, but he says he always keeps his guard up.

Police don't have any suspects in the two pizza delivery robberies. If you have information, they want you to call them at 293-3091.

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