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Sex offender makes court appearance

Albany - Disturbing details emerged in court today in a hearing for a man accused of trying to lure children into his van.

Police found a mattress in the van, along with handcuffs, a chain bolted to the floor and a book on how to earn the trust of children.

A police officer testified that in 2009, Kenneth Kellam twice approached two little boys who were walking home from Northside Elementary school.

The boys told police that the first time, Kellam gave them money for candy.

The second time, they say Kellam tried to coerce them into watching a video inside his van.

That's the day the school principal called police and Kellam was arrested for failure to register as a sex offender.

In 2003, Kellam was convicted of false imprisonment of a child in Florida.

Police say Kellam planned to sexually assault the two Albany boys and that he admitted it on video.

Today's hearing was to determine if that admission can be played for jurors when Kellam stands trial.

Investigator J. C. Phillips testified today that Kellam was read his Miranda rights and admitted to the crime under his own free will.

Judge Goss will hold another hearing next month to watch Kellam's videotaped interview with police before he makes a ruling on its admissibility.

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