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Georgia tax return problems

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –After the Department of Revenue issued about 12-million dollars in tax refunds last Thursday. They discovered they paid out 630-thousand dollars too much because of a computer glitch.

So they reversed all the payments to more than 30,000 Georgians.

As you can imagine, thousands of Georgians were left wondering what happened to their bank accounts. Did you know that the state could take back out money they deposited? South Georgia banks and credit unions say now that they know what happened, they are going to take care of their affected customers .

Tifton's Carrie Strevel is one of the thousands of Georgians teased by a computer glitch.  Strevel said "We got our tax refund Monday, so we were really happy to get that."

She planned to buy new dining room chairs for the family, but a check of her bank balance Tuesday gave her an unpleasant surprise.

Strevel said "So I'm glad we didn't buy anything right off, or we would have had a lot of overdraft fees, like a lot of other folks."

We heard from lots of other South Georgians wondering what was going on. This viewer sent us a copy of their bank filings, showing the tax refund went in and then was withdrawn Monday.

The GA. Dept. of Revenue explained in a press release that "A programming error affected how some of the refunds were calculated, so the state issued stop payment orders. The agency will work with banks to try to resolve charges."

"Have you ever heard of anything like this before?" Flint Community Bank President Scott Tomlinson said "Never. I've been in banking 30 years and this is kind of a first for me."

South Georgia banks and credit unions say they are hearing from their customers.

DOCO Regional Federal Credit Union Vice President Carol Wolfe said "We have had 71 members that were affected by this."

The financial institutions say they are going to take care of their customers.

Wolfe said "We will take care of any issues that this may were a result of this."

The Georgia Department of Revenue said "The computer glitch has been fixed, and refunds will be re-issued."

Tomlinson said "Purportedly they say they will take care of it in 3 to 5 days, but time will tell."

Carrie Strevel says she is not upset. "Not yet." But you want your money? "I do. It would be nice,"said Strevel.

It is your money after all, and the Georgia Department of Revenue says they will deposit your refund and not take it back this time.

The Georgia Department of Revenue says those tax refunds are on their way, and they will issue refunds to taxpayers for any bank charges or fees caused by the withdrawn funds.

The Department of Revenue posted a letter on their web site giving more information on the removed tax refunds.

You can link to it here.

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