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The freshman/sophomore college experience

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB)-  The first and second year in college can be the most difficult for students. According to a new study, it showed half of college students believe the first two years was a waste of time.

We took a closer look at what local students and universities are doing to solve that problem. Albany State University has a first and second year experience program geared toward that exact demographic.

It includes peer tutoring, classes, and a welcome week. Officials believe those types of things will help students make the transition into college life.

For some students, staying awake in class is a challenge, for others, showing up is another. "I've learned I have to be patient, and I have to study. Because if I don't I'm going to fail," said Freshmen Brittany Smith. 

"I had to buckle down and understand that I'm paying a lot of money to this school. With as much as I'm paying, I have to keep my stuff together," said Sophomore Chanel Turner. 

Well these two ladies are doing just that at ASU. Brittany Smith is a freshman. And Chanel Turner is a Sophomore. "Sophomores are kind of just stuck in the middle with not much going on," said Turner. 

"If this doesn't work for me I don't know where I would go. I have to be focused," said Smith.  

She grew up in a broken home. And Smith had to take care of herself since the age of 15. "Like a lot of kids, they can go home and just sit. But I can't do that, so this has to work," she said. 

So far, it's working because she has a 3.6gpa. But for other students, are they learning or just passing the tests? "Like for me, I try to learn. It's not just about getting a degree. When you get out there in the field, you have to no what you're doing," said Smith. 

"Once they set goals they're more likely to learn, and try to reach career aspirations. On the other hand, we do have students that come and realize that college is not for them," said Program Coordinator Sherelle Byrd.

To keep that from happening, they have a mandatory class just for freshmen."This course not only allows them to learn about the history, but also time management skills," said Byrd. 

Ultimately your education, falls in your own hands. Here are a couple of things students learned that help them through the first two years.

You must set time aside just for studying, staying focused, and don't be afraid to ask for help.  Just about every University has a first and second year program for students. If interested go to your student affairs office on campus.

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