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Valdosta water update


Valdosta (WALB) - Normal storage tank levels and distribution system water pressures have returned, following the City of Valdosta's Water Treatment Plant being down on Jan. 22.  Chlorine disinfection doses leaving the water treatment plant were raised to start the process of flushing the entire distribution system of untreated wellI water and to re-establish normal chlorine residuals throughout the system.

On Sunday morning, water distribution system crews began flushing fire hydrants to pull necessary chlorine residuals out into the system, as well as flush out the untreated well water.  This flushing effort started in water mains closest to the treatment plant and will gradually work outward until the minimum chlorine residual required by law is achieved throughout the distribution system. 

This flushing process must be slow and methodical to ensure that water quality is safely returned to normal. Once minimum chlorine residual levels are met, the bacteriological testing of the entire system phase follows.  Typically when two concurrent days with no positive bacterial results within the entire distribution system is achieved, EPD will then be contacted for their approval to remove all boil water requirements.  Until then,  the Boil Water Alert is in effect until further notice.

Citizens may use city water for all normal purposes, including all showering and sanitation needs.  However, boiling is strongly recommended for consumption.

Sementha Mathews

City of Valdosta PIO

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