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HCA Palmyra jobs cuts

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – WALB News 10 has learned that at least 20 HCA Palmyra Medical Centers employees will lose their job because of the sale of the hospital.

The employees were notified this afternoon that they do not meet the requirements to continue working for the hospital once the sale to Phoebe is finalized.

The employees were also told they will get severance packages from HCA Palmyra.

Here is the statement released by Palmyra:

The agreement between the Authority and Palmyra calls for the buyer to hire substantially all of Palmyra's employees with the exception of any that may not meet the buyer's eligibility requirements.  The Authority has informed us that about 20 employees may not meet these requirements and we, in turn, have informed the employees.  We will provide severance or offers of placement elsewhere within HCA as appropriate for any who they do not hire.

Here is the statement released by Phoebe Putney:

The Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) calls for employment of the Palmyra personnel to end at closing. It also contemplates that those same employees will become Phoebe employees at closing. Under the agreement, Phoebe was required to submit employees who did not meet eligibility by a given date [today].     Out of the workforce   at Palmyra, consisting of 466 employees,   22 employees did not qualify as reviewed against the agreed upon standards.    These are never easy decisions, but it is important for the vast majority of the work force to know they will have a job through the transition and after the closing.

As promised, each employee who did not meet the criteria,  was reviewed individually to assure that each was thoroughly assessed before making these determinations as directed in the APA.

 We are pleased to know that HCA has offered severance packages or other opportunities in their organization. 

The criteria are: employees must meet Phoebe's employment  qualifications,  which must not differ from those in effect in the organization or any of its affiliates;  they must meet all federal and state of Georgia laws on hiring; and employees must not have been previously discharged by Phoebe or its affiliates.

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