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Sheriff's Investigators warn about increase in Internet scam victims

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office is issuing a warning about computer scams. Investigators say despite all the information put out, many South Georgians are still falling victim to scams and cons on the Internet.

Sheriff's Investigators say they still meet dozens of victims every week, losing money to scams on the Internet. They say they have seen a lot of victims recently who have been ripped off, being taken advantage of because they were looking for a job.

Captain Craig Dodd said in the last couple of weeks they have seen a sharp increase in South Georgians being scammed when they apply for jobs on a legitimate employment listing website, Career Builder Jobs dot com. They are being contacted by crooks,  who are just interested in stealing your money.

Dodd said "Scam jobs. The type of jobs where they send you counterfeit checks that are supposed to be real checks. Want you to cash the, keep twelve percent, and send the rest back."

Investigators say that keeping 12 percent for yourself seems to be the common thread in many of these scam jobs. But you are held responsible for the money when the check turns out to counterfeit.

Dodd said "How anybody could consider this a legitimate job, I don't know. But that's one of the things we are looking at."

Another scam that people are reporting to the Sheriff's Office almost daily, getting scammed buying vehicles on Craigslist. Investigators say South Georgians see ads for cars, trucks, motorcycles, all kinds of vehicles on the site, selling for just a fraction the value, and hoping to get a deal instead are getting taken for ride.

Dodd said "What they are doing then is asking you to send in advance the money, in the form of a postal money order, or a Western Union money order. And then of course they are just cashing your money and not sending you anything."

Investigators say the excitement of getting an unbelievable deal lures in people without thinking, which is what the scammer is counting on.

Dodd said "They are getting away with it a lot. And people are just giving away their hard earned money."

Investigators say they have victims coming to them, reporting these scams daily, and warn South Georgians to beware of Internet bargains and job offers that can really cost you.

Investigators say they are surprised by the number of people falling victim to these scams recently.  And they know many more victims are out there, too embarrassed to contact law enforcement.

Investigators say, especially on the Internet, always remember the old saying "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." They urge you to know who you are dealing with.  Check them out thoroughly before you get a job through the Internet.

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