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Oregon rape suspect arrested in Albany

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –Dougherty County Sheriff's Deputies helped Eugene Police make the arrest in the cold case.

D-N-A evidence from 1998, run through a national database, led Investigators to the suspected rapist.

Investigators will not give out much information about the crime, except to say they are charging the man for a rape and sexual assault that happened in 1998 in Eugene Oregon. Technology that was not available then, working with the DNA evidence gathered almost 13 years ago, led them to Albany to make the arrest.

40 year old Jason Richard Papaleo is being held in the Dougherty County jail for Eugene Oregon police, charged with first degree rape and first degree sexual assault. Dougherty County Sheriff Deputies accompanied two Eugene officers to Chehaw Park Tuesday, and arrested Papaleo there. He had worked at Chehaw as a part time laborer since October. His DNA, logged from when he was in prison in Alaska for burglary, matched that from crime evidence gathered in 1998.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Captain Craig Dodd said "The subject had gone to prison in Alaska. And when he was in prison they did CODIS on him. And apparently when he was released, Eugene's system picked him up."

CODIS is the Combined DNA Index System, run by the FBI. Storing more than 8,600,000 profiles, linking it's database to law enforcement in the United States and more than 30 foreign countries. Local law enforcement agencies say it's modern technology is making a big difference solving cold cases that most people had given up ever being solved.

Dodd said "Over a decade. Probably the victim had given up anyone every being arrested in their case. But these gentlemen obviously worked very hard, and they are very good investigators. And they stuck with it."

Papaleo has already waived his extradition, and will be flown back to Oregon Thursday. Sheriff's Investigators say they are glad that the national DNA evidence got a potentially dangerous man off the South Georgia streets.

Dodd said "Yes, because we had no idea that he was here"

And now justice may be done in a long unsolved cold case across the country.

A man working in Albany is arrested and charged with raping a woman in Oregon almost 13 years ago.

Chehaw Park Authority officials say they ran a background check on Papaleo when he was hired, but none of his criminal record was reported. He was born and raised in Eugene Oregon. Investigators from Oregon would not tell us how they tracked him here.

The Combined D-N-A Index System was established in 1990.

More than 130 law enforcement laboratories now participate.

The F-B-I says it aided in more than 119,000 investigations last year.

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