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16 year old charged in Albany store clerk robbery and murder

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –An Albany teenager admits he was part of a violent robbery in which a teenaged store clerk was executed.

16 year old Anthony Hill is in jail, charged with the December 18th holdup at the Miscelanea Guate-Mex store on Radium Springs Road.

The clerk, 19 year old Sentos Vicente, was shot in the head and killed.

And tonight police are still looking for Hill's partner in crime.

16 year old Anthony Hill made his first appearance before a Judge this morning, and formally charged as an adult with murder and armed robbery.

And even though he's charged with cold blooded murder, our judges are protecting him tonight and making sure you don't get to see his face.

Anthony Hill is the suspect in the foreground of this store surveillance store.

He's the one who burst into the store waving a gun.

But we can't show you his mug shot, because of a standing order from Judge Stephen Goss about releasing juvenile's photographs, even when they are charged as adults.

The D.A. says Hill and the other masked man forced Sentos Vicente to open the cash register, and then down to the floor, where he was shot execution style in the back of the head.

District Attorney Greg Edwards said "this individual has indicated some involvement in this robbery/homicide. And so we are moving from this point to collect more information and move forward with the case."

Take a close look at the video. Police say there was a struggle and one of the suspects fired the shot that killed Vicente, but they are not sure which suspect fired because they passed the gun between them.

Now Police are searching for the other masked man.

Edwards said "A suspect has been identified and Police are working on trying to get with that individual. That's what's going on right now."

Prosecutors call the murder senseless.  From the surveillance video you can see that Vicente gave them the money and got down on the floor so he was no threat. The District Attorney says this case could qualify for the death penalty, but he has not made a decision to pursue that yet.

Edwards said "Some of the preliminary aggravating circumstances , that is robbery taking place, that is present. So yes that could be considered."

But first, they must capture the other robber, who is still on the run.

The manager at the convenience store where Vincente was murdered says they are still frightened, and they are keeping their door locked at all times. You have to knock to be let in.

Hill was a ninth grader at the alternative school, but hasn't been to class in quite a while. Hill is the younger brother of Johnny Hill, who shot Albany Police Officer Tim Harvey in 2008, and is now serving 30 years in prison.

He is now being held without bond in the Dougherty County jail.

Not only will the jail not release Anthony Hill's mug shot, but we weren't allowed in the jail courtroom with Hill Tuesday either.

Even though the law requires releasing the identities of juveniles charged with a seven deadly sin are public, Dougherty County's newest magistrate Judge, Victoria Darrisaw, told us it's their "policy" not to allow juveniles to be photographed.

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