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The biggest loser

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By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –Tifton's 7th annual Biggest loser weight loss competition is underway. They have 104 participants wanting help to shed the pounds.

Last year, the competitors lost 1,074 pounds combined. Contestants have eleven weeks instead of eight, to drop those pants sizes.

The person who raises the most money for relay for life, or loses the most weight will be declared the biggest loser.

To win the battle against the bulge, it takes one step. "We're not doing a diet this year, we're doing a life change," said 38-year-old Tom Billings.

He wants to change his life. That means no more buffets. "The Chinese place and buffet were places I went three times a week," said Billings. 

But now that he's apart of Tifton's Biggest Loser, things are a lot different. "It's easy to pull into McDonald's or Burger King. I've totally cut that out and if we do go to a buffet, I will just eat a salad," he said.  

Billings hopes to lose 60 pounds during the competition, and so far he's off to a good start. "Well, when we first started I weighed 438 pounds. And today I weigh 422," he said. 

Even though that's not much, the mission is in progress. "Disbelief I couldn't believe it. The first week, I lost 10 pounds and it was a shock. I'm going to try harder," he said.  

The challenge isn't just for him. His eight year old daughter has joined him on tipping the scale. "They say even with her height, she's still overweight. So now we want to make sure, she's getting the right nutrition," said Billings. 

He wants a healthier life for her so ,she want be teased and made fun of at school. "I don't want her to get picked on. I know people can be cruel and I don't want her to go down that road,"said Billings. 

At his last weigh in, he wants to be Tifton's Biggest Loser. Weigh ins are on Monday at The Tifton Wellness Center.

It's not to late to join. It costs $40, which includes the gym membership, and the T-shirt. For more information on Tifton's Biggest Loser visit

This competition is the fundraiser for the Tift County Relay for Life. Last year alone they raised $1,500.

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