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Is Dr. King's dream a reality?

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –In November of 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed into law a federal holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Today the nation is celebrating his accomplishments.  We've seen Dr. King's dream become a reality or have we?

Here's a look at how two different generations see things since the days of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Equality in America has been an ever evolving process.

"We've come a long way," said Charles Sherrod. He fought for civil rights when church bombings, police brutality, and racism ruled with an iron fist.

"All that left us with such a zeal to have a better life. And that is the dream that we all have," said Sherrod. 

14-year-old, Malcolm Danmola has only heard stories of what it was like back in the days of the Civil Rights Movement. "We have integrated schools now. And we as kids can go into a white teachers class and not be discriminated against," said Danmola. 

But, Charles Sherrod remembers when all men weren't created equal, and says there's still work to be done. "The fullness of it has still not come yet, if blacks, whites, Jews and Hispanics would all come together than it will surely come to pass," said Sherrod. 

"It is a reality, because now as a black person. We can go to the top of the line colleges, not just based on our skin color," said Danmola. 

"Are we there yet no, but yes we're on our way," said Sherrod. 

 "Now we can walk into a store, and be treated the same. We are now getting along," said Danmola. 

In his speech, Dr. King wanted his four kids not to be judged by their color, but character. "It's taken place more now than ever. Even in our school systems we are still segregated," said Sherrod. 

"We live in a society of the new generation that doesn't go by race. We go by the person. No matter what type of glasses you are looking through, things have changed for the better, thanks to Dr. King and his followers.

If you would like to listen to Dr. King's I have a dream speech in full visit

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