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Senior citizens keep up with latest technology

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) –More senior citizens are emailing their friends, browsing the internet and even using smart phones.

One entrepreneur, who happens to be in her 70's, told us she organizes her life with her iPhone.

She says she owes it all to her computer knowledge she received through Learning in Retirement at Valdosta State University.

"This is my daughter's page and sure enough she sends me pictures of the grandchildren," said Joyce Aigen whose the Learning in Retirement membership/publicity committee chair.

At 79 years old, Joyce Aigen is not only a business owner but also keeps up with the latest technology.

"I have an iPad and an iPhone," said Aigen. "My daughter just gave me an iPad."

She learned the basics from AT&T representatives when she bought her phone a year and a half ago. From there, she just asked people including waiters at restaurants to show her how to use it to it's full capacity.

She says she loves her iPhone and even downloads apps like millions of us do.

She catches on quickly and says she owes it to the Learning in Retirement at Valdosta State University, where she starting taking computer classes in 2003.

"This is the calendar that I live by," said Aigen.

And new this semester the Learning in Retirement has two iPad courses. Aigen and her friend Sue Braun say the classes are great.

"The important thing is everybody learns something," said Sue Braun whose on the LIR membership/publicity committee. "Everybody shares something."

She says the people you'll meet become family.

"It gets them out of the house and it gets them around other people and it forces them to use their brain," said Braun.

 If computer classes aren't your thing, there's more than 70 other courses to choose from. 

Learning in Retirement classes range from health and fitness to trips, tours, and the arts.

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