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Power restored to thousands after storm

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  More than 7,000 Water, Gas, and Light customers who were without power Monday, had power before midnight, but as many as 100 customers braved the frigid night without power.

Tuesday crews were back clearing up those last hundred sporadic outages discovered after the majority of customers were restored. Crews were also cutting back tree branches in an effort to prevent future outages.

 Many customers were angry that their power was off most of the day, but WG&L says they had all the crews they had working.

Water Gas and Light calls Monday's ice storm, the largest they've dealt with in 22 years. They understand a lot of people weren't happy to be without power for up to ten hours and longer in some cases, but they say they did everything they could to get people back on the grid as fast as possible.

WG&L crews were back at it Tuesday, restoring power for as many as 100 customers who were without power overnight and clearing tree branches from lines in the wake of yesterday's ice storm. The storm left Carolyn Smith and Bernice Berry in the Country Club Estates subdivision without power for nearly 10 hours.

"To wake up and find out I had no power, no cable," said Carolyn Smith.

It was an inconvenience that kept both women homebound and under the covers to stay warm.

"I just read and slept, read, and slept that's all I could do," said Smith.

Some spend the time on the phone to stay informed.

"Talking with friends who had the same problem that I had," said Bernice Berry.

Not everyone took it in stride like they did.

"We had many many phone calls that were very unpleasant. It was an unpleasant situation and being ugly or cursing on the phone or threatening doesn't really solve anything," said WG&L Assistant General Manager of Customer Relations Lorie Farkas.

Water, Gas, and Light had all ten crews that they have out working and say there wasn't anywhere they could go for help.

"There really wasn't anybody for us to call in because this was an all over Georgia event," said Farkas.

They've had complaints from people wanting compensation for the inconvenience. They say it's still early in the winter season. They want people to be better prepared for the future with a stockpile of fire wood and say should also make arrangements with a friend or family members in the event your power is out for an extended amount of time.

At the height of the storm, Georgia Power had 1,600 customers without power. They had no outages in the region reported Tuesday.

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