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Some power outages continue throughout the night

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It's another cold and potentially dangerous night as temperatures drop down near freezing again.

That means an uncomfortable night for south Georgians who still have no electricity. Thousands of people lost power Monday.

Crews worked all day and into the night and got the vast majority of them back online.

Roughly 7,000 Water, Gas, and Light customers lost power. Some just got theirs restored Monday night. One man was without power form more than 17 hours from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Melvin Anderson says his neighborhood has had problems for years and he's begging for a long term fix.

"I'm cold, tired, and frustrated because it's almost like they don't care," said Anderson.

He says some neighbors got their power back hours ago; however,  his and several other homes along Newton Road have not.

Utility workers have to turn his on individually. Anderson says he's complained to WG&L about this problem that's been ongoing for about 10 years.

They know the issues and refuse to correct them," Anderson added.

Across town, Todd Hunter and his family have been snuggling by the fire since their power went out early Monday morning.

"It's been frustrating, we've been huddled around the fire place all night," said Hunter.

Crews fixed downed power lines at the corner of Meadowlark and Forest Glenn Drive. Neighbors in the area were all without power.

"It's a pleasure to see these guys here and I appreciate everything they do," Hunter noted.

Workers turned off active lines that snapped after trees fell on them. One left a snake of charred grass in one neighbor's yard.

"Make sure not to touch any downed lines and call 911 if you see any," said WG&L Light Director, Jimmy Norman.

WG&L employees and  public works crews haven't let the cold keep them from serving customers. That includes solid waste worker, Keanon Tumbiln, who's wrapping up his shift.

"It was wet, raining, real  cold and my feet are wet," said Tumblin. "I have to go home and get warmed up."

Melvin Anderson hopes he can do the same. He says utility crews tried to restore power again late Monday night, but he says the lights went out again.

A full fleet of WG&L crews will be back out early tomorrow morning to restore any power outages they weren't able to fix Monday.

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