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Lee County gets a winter punch

By Cade Fowler - bio | email

Leesburg, GA (WALB) --  A cold overnight rain quickly turned in to an frigid mess, causing public works crews to be busy all day cleaning up trees and limbs that fell under the weight of ice.

A steady rain settled over Leesburg Monday. As the temperature dropped below freezing, the dripping rain turned to icicles on road signs and power lines. By morning the city was iced over.

"Probably around 2:00 we started getting the sleet on the northside of the county. And about 3:30 the ice was coming pretty good,"  said Lee County Public Works Director  Mike Sistrunk.

Good enough to make these south Georgia pines look like they're in a frozen tundra. And it was the ice that Lee County Public Works busy clearing up snapped limbs and fallen trees. "We've had probably 16 trees go down on us," said Sistrunk.

The scene on Lovers Lane Road was similar in other parts of the county.  "We've had winds coming out the north. We've had a lot of trees fall down on us here on Lover's Lane Road. Also on Palmyra Road, we had a lot of trees down. And I'm sure it's not over with today."

And even though the winter storm has come and gone, the threat for more downed trees and power lines is still there. 

 "We're just asking citizens to please be careful. I know it looks like it's over, but there's still a lot of limbs that are wet and cold. They're going to snap and trees are going to fall," said Sistrunk.

EMA director James Howell coordinated efforts Sunday afternoon in anticipation of the winter storm.

Public works officials say that early planning helped them stay on top of things.

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