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Power restored- mostly

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –   Thousands of Albanians were without electricity for part of the day, some of them still don't have power.

Ice coated tree limbs brought down power lines all over Albany, and utility workers are still out trying to restore power to homes and businesses across Albany.

Albany Water Gas and Light technicians and linemen were on the job before dawn Monday, and have been out working most of the day trying to restore power to almost every corner of Albany.

They say they can't put a real number yet to the number of outages, because they have been so busy just trying to get everyone's power back on.

The ice started to coat the power lines and trees across Albany early this morning. Then the tree limbs started to break and take down those power lines, like one on Avalon Avenue. Hundreds of people woke up to their power being out.

Some folks were still off at mid afternoon.  "My wife is miserable," Umar Abdal Aquill said.

Umar is using his fireplace to keep his house warm, but he did not have enough wood. "All the wood was burnt up two hours ago. I've been scrapping and scraping. Can't buy wood today, everybody's sold out."

Umar was burning wood scraps from his shop, and limbs that had fallen around the neighborhood.

Albany Water Gas and Light crews were cutting limbs off wires all day, restoring power street by street. Many traffic lights were out, slowing traffic as drivers took turns at intersections.

Lots of Albany businesses were without power, and most of those closed for the day. Some, like Ray Norville at Furniture Mart Rental on South Slappey, stayed open even though he had no lights, heat, or phones.

"Not a whole lot," Norville said. "Just if people come by to look at something, I have some light to show it to them. Or if they come in to pay I've got a light to collect the money. That's the name of the game."

As it got colder inside his store, Norville went to his van to warm up. Lots of Albany people being reminded how important electricity is to us.

Umar said if his power was not back by tonight, he would spend the night at a family member's home. Norville's power was restored about 1:30.

Late Monday afternoon, power crews are still dealing with downed lines, blown transformers and even a couple of cases where live wires fell energized chain link fences.

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