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Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips

 Driving Tips from the Governor's office of Highway Safety

1.    Number One is a no-brainer…If you don't have to go out during hazardous weather conditions, then stay home! This isn't the blizzard of the century so save yourself unnecessary trips to stock up on peanut butter and flapjacks. Stay home where it's warm and you won't run a chance of crashing on icy roads or being stranded in the cold.

 2.    If you do have to drive, give it your full concentration. This is no time for distracted drivers with a cell phone in one hand and hot coffee in the other.  Drive cautiously with both hands on the wheel.  Two-fisted drivers are ready for the unexpected when steering becomes a challenge.  Buckle Your Safety Belt.

 3.    Slow down!  Driving too fast for conditions is what gets too many drivers in trouble when they hit those unseen pockets of icy road. Plan ahead to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination.. Plan on delays.. Plan to be patient or don't plan to leave the house at all.

 4.    Don't tailgate or follow too close.  Avoid "grouping-up" with a pack of other vehicles, especially at higher speeds. This may help you to avoid those terrible chain reaction crashes you see on the news.   Buckle your safety belt. 

5.    Don't use cruise control when driving on ice, snow, or sleet.  Cruise control is designed for normal driving conditions.  But slippery roads can cause wheel-spin and loss of control when you're locked in cruise control.  The time it takes to disengage cruise control may be time you don't have during a spin-out.  

6.    Don't panic! - Don't slam on the brakes!  If you find yourself sliding or losing control, take your foot off the gas and resist the temptation to slam on the brakes.  Sudden braking will only eliminate what little traction you have. Buckle your safety belt.

 7.    Even the most experienced drivers are at the mercy of the ice if they start to spin. If you're already driving slowly, spin outs aren't as deadly or as terrifying.  Experienced road Troopers at the Georgia State Patrol advise us to steer in the direction of the spin until the vehicle comes to a stop. 

 8.    This brings us back to Safe Winter Driving Tip Number One. Don't drive if you don't have to. Once you're stranded during a severe weather episode, it can take emergency services a while to get to you because of the increased number of severe incidents.. and remember, responders have to drive on those icy roads too. State Troopers advise that motorists who insist on driving in severe weather conditions should have at least a half tank of gas, carry a freshly charged cell phone, pack warm clothes and a blanket, and have a working flashlight in their vehicle.  So Slow Down. Buckle Up & Drive Sober.

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