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Brace yourself for a blizzard

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Get ready for some possibly severe winter weather at the end of the weekend, with a chance of freezing rain in South Georgia. The system will almost certainly dump snow in north Georgia late this weekend. 

We could even see some icy roads and power lines in our area. Public works and power company crews are preparing for the possibility.

If you've ever hit the road, and hit a patch of ice, you know how bad it can be. "Your vehicle is hard to control on ice, especially black ice, 'cause you can't see it," said Alberdine Williams of Albany Public Works.

But Albany Public Works crews will be on the lookout. "We've got our spreader trucks ready to go, we've got our crews on call," said George Haggerty, of Albany Public Works.

They have a great big pile of sand to spread over ice patches, just in case.

"To protect someone from having an accident. The roads get really slippery when it rains sometimes, and especially with ice."

If anything will freeze during the storm, it will most likely be bridges. That's because the cold air hits them from all sides and these are the areas that crews will check first to see if they need any sand.

And Alberdine Williams is getting the sand ready to go if he needs to put it out on the roads. "Don't want to take no chances!"

Always prepared for winter weather and whatever it might bring our way.

Power companies say around here, they're not doing anything special to get prepared for the possibility of ice, but if it happens, they're prepared to take action.

Albany Public Works crews will be on standby throughout the weekend. If you see a patch of ice on a road, you can report it by calling the city/county help line at 311.


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