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Pistol-packin' manager answers robber with hot lead

"He shot. And I shot him. Wherever he's at he's wounded, somewhere," Dihanna McCullock said. "He shot. And I shot him. Wherever he's at he's wounded, somewhere," Dihanna McCullock said.

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –   A Dougherty County woman's workday started with a shootout with a couple of armed robbers. She was grazed by a bullet, but she's sure she shot that gunman too. Dougherty County Police are now looking for the two robbers.

Dihanna McCullock says she is a fighter, and Thursday she proved it. Two men, one armed with a knife and one with a gun, attacked her. She always wears a gun on her hip for protection, and she says there is no doubt it saved her life.

About 8:30 Thursday morning Dihanna McCullock went into her office at the Paradise Village Mobile home park off Holly Drive, where she is the manager, and suddenly was in a fight for her life-- against a man who had broken in through a back window.

"He was in one of the rooms and had a knife, and tried to stab me with a knife, and so we fought," McCullock said.

Another man, wearing some sort of badge on his shirt, had tried to talk to McCullock before she went into her office, but she went inside. Now while she was fighting the man with a butcher knife, that man also burst into her office with a gun, and started shooting.

"He shot. And I shot him. Wherever he's at he's wounded, somewhere," McCullock said.

McCullock carries 'the Judge' in a holster. It's a pistol that shoots a shotgun shell as well as .45 caliber bullet. McCullock said the robber's bullet just grazed her right arm. She fired back a shotgun blast at point blank range.

Are you sure you hit him? "Yes, I'm positive. I'm positive. I'm a good shooter. Definitely a good shooter. My husband taught me well."

The two robbers took off running, dropping her wallet and the knife.

John McCullock says he taught his entire family to shoot, and he is proud of his wife. "If we got to fight, we got to fight. I'm glad that she did."

"I do what I have to do, and if it ever happened again I'd do the same thing. I don't regret it," Dihanna McCullock said.

McCullock is shaken, and cautious as Police still search for the two robbers, but recommends people arm themselves for safety. "Learn how to use it. It will save your life. It saved my life."

The McCullocks say they have been threatened as they run trouble makers out of their mobile home park, and have seen the man who shot her before.

The McCullock family moved to Albany from Manhattan two years ago, and this is their second time being victims of crime here. Their home was burglarized. They say that's why the entire family has armed themselves, and they will continue to wear guns constantly.

The robber who was possibly wounded, is black, about 5-foot-7, weighing more than 250 pounds, in his late 40's. The second robber is also black, in his late 20's. He was wearing a black hoodie with some type of white writing.

If you have any information, call CRIME STOPPERS at 229- 436-TIPS.


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