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New shelter in Worth Co. will soon house animals

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SYLVESTER GA (WALB) –The first humane society shelter in Worth County will start housing animals in a few weeks, and it's been a long time coming.

The organization formed four years ago, but without an actual shelter the only way they've been able to adopt out animals that would otherwise be euthanized is through a state licensed fostering program.

Ben I paid a visit to one of the foster parents today..who has been taking care of 5 puppies for the past few weeks. In addition to her own pets..that makes eleven animals at her house. She says until there is a building where all these animals can go and get a new family..she doesn't mind all the work.

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic at Denise Dixon's home. She agreed to foster several puppies that would have otherwise been euthanized.

So, for three weeks, she's been feeding, cleaning up after, playing with and sometimes even chasing after five puppies that are not even her own. "It is all about saving the puppies, and adults and anything we can do," said Dixon.

Dixon is one of five foster parents who are taking care of 20 animals all over Worth County. "The fostering system is a necessity," said Shelly McPhaul, BFHS President.

She's doing it because other than foster care, there is not a shelter for animals in Worth County where they can be adopted out,

Animal control officer Marilyn Mims says once the shelter is open, this puppy would longer be in this cage exposed to the cold and rainy weather. "He does have a drum to get into but its nothing like being indoors," she said.

"Once we are in the shelter we will have all of our animals in one place and it will be so much easier for folks to come out and see them and to care for them and monitor them," said McPhaul.

But soon some of these puppies and other animals that are being cared for in foster homes will have a brand new shelter to call home

But until these puppies have a place to go, Dixon doesn't mind a little chaos in her home. "They just really need a place to be, and if they weren't here they would probably be euthanized," said Dixon.

They hope to start housing animals by the end of January.

Over the years, they have fostered and placed close to 200 animals in homes. They say even when the shelter opens they will they will continue to have the fostering program for animals with special needs.

One of the things they need most is food, but they have several other needs for the shelter too.

Click here for a list of needs.

Or you can visit their website

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