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Can you lose weight at the mall?

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –While shopping at the mall, have you ever thought about how much exercise you're getting? Every morning at 6, about 50 to 75 people, walk the Albany mall.

The stores don't open until 10, but a security guard unlocks the doors, for those wanting to burn calories. Mall walking can be done in a group, or by yourself.

We found a group that's been walking the mall, for about 15 years or more. They love every minute of it.

Some of the mall walkers feel it's the best kept secret in town. "I love to feel the climate. It's never raining in here, it's cool during the summer time. This is the ideal spot," said Mall Walker Tommy Patterson. 

"First of all, it isn't crowded. At 6 in the morning, it's only about 75 walkers out here walking. So it's a pleasant way to exercise." said Mall Walker Ann Hogan. 

One trip around the whole mall is about seven tenths of a mile. "These are my friends, and I found out they were walking years ago," said Patterson. 

"It energizes you, and you meet with the same people. We go to breakfast and have prayer. I'd like to go every morning but they won't," said  Hogan.

This type of movement is really important, when you reach the golden years. "It makes you feel good, and it keeps us young," said Mall Walker Reba Stewart. 

People in this group rarely miss a day. "Where were ya'll yesterday? They make you feel real guilty," said Hogan. 

"We miss a lot of the one's, who are gone away or moved. We like to talk about the good old times," said Patterson. 

After they're done, they can't wait to come back and do it again. The Albany Mall opens at 6am for anyone that wants to walk. Armed Security is on site for safety.

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