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Investigators ask "who is this girl?"

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigators are looking for a child who was used to scam a man out of about $8000.

Investigators only have pictures of the little girl.  Now they're asking for your help to identify her.

Sheriff's Investigators aren't giving out much information on this case, but it's pretty easy to figure out what has happened. Someone used a girl, probably about 5 years old now, to con money from a man who thought the child was his daughter. They need one important piece of information, who is the child really?

This is the little girl investigators are looking for. They say she was known as Brianna, and was the key part of what longtime Investigators call one of the most interesting scams they have ever seen.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Captain Craig Dodd said "the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Investigation Division is looking for anybody who can identify this child for us. And can give us the identity of the child's actual parents."

Investigators say this child was used from her birth, for almost three years, to con a man and his family members out of at least eight thousand dollars in a paternity type scam. They are building the legal case, and no one has been charged yet. They have dozens of pictures, even birth records, but they need to find out who Brianna really is.

Dodd said "No, the parents are not in any trouble. There is no trouble involving the child. We just need to speak to the parents and confirm the identity of the child, and confirm the identity of the lineage of the child."

Investigators say the child is in no danger, and never was injured in anyway. They say the victim first began to suspect the scam because of the child.  After years being used in the scam, Brianna learned to talk and tipped off the victim herself.

Sheriff's Investigators have a person in custody they believe is responsible for the scam. Before they charge that suspect, they want to track down that child who is a key part of the evidence in this case.

If you can identify the girl, call Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigators at 431-3222. 

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