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Moultrie woman hopes for a heart in 2011

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) – Spending time with family this time of year is important to many of us. Some don't get to fully enjoy any day, much less the holidays because they're sick.

A Moultrie woman knows what that's like her heart is failing as she waits on a transplant, but in the mean time she will need surgery to repair a heart valve. 

"It's very depressing I really don't celebrate the holidays, I know I have a heart problem but I don't want to be disabled," said Montrimophe Pinkinn Jackson

Jackson has an enlarged heard and is on a quest to get well.

"The pregnancy caused my heart to swell causing me to have heart failure," said Jackson.

Pregnant with twins neither survived. Now she's fighting for her live. With congestive heart failure her heart can no longer pump enough blood to the rest of the body.

"Makes me short of breath, I get tired real easily," she said.

Her husband Michael Jackson has been there since her diagnosis three years ago.

"He does a lot of shopping, cleaning and cooking."

Jackson is 35, her mother died at age 55 form a massive heart attack.

She needs a heart transplant, "you never know how ling the wait will be," but until then she's scheduled to have heart valve surgery. But needs to raise funds.

"I have an IV in my arm, it's helping to strengthen my heart for the surgery."

Medicare and Medicaid will pay for the surgery money is for after surgery treatment.

"I don't have the money and I'm tired of being sick, tired of suffering and I'm asking for some help."

The goal is $5,000 Jackson says waking up every day is a blessing. Medicare and Medicaid will pay for the surgery the money is for the cost of after surgery treatment.

"When I'm feeling weak I don't do too much, you might go to bed and can't hardly breathe you don't know if you going to wake up and I've been so close to death," said Jackson.

But with the new year comes with new hope for a better heart.

"My New Years resolution is to get closer to God and pray for better days," said Jackson.

All the medications for her heart are taking a toll on Jackson's kidneys.

There is a fund set up at Southwest Georgia Bank in Moultrie in Michael Jackson's name for the benefit of Montrimophe Pinkinn Jackson.

You can also call her at (229) 454-0458 or her sister Kim Church at (229) 288-0381.

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