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Valdosta church sells fireworks for good cause

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) –Start your new year off with a bang.

 A Church in Valdosta is selling fireworks as a fundraiser from now through New Year's day.

 Some of the proceeds will go to remodeling the gym at the United Pentecostal Church and fund outreach programs for the community. 

 Fireworks are a colorful way to celebrate holidays.  And while true fireworks are illegal in Georgia, you can buy sparklers and some pretty spectacular ones just in time for your New Year's Eve celebration.

 "Instead of driving out of town or going somewhere three dollars a gallon why not stay in your own home your own backyard and enjoy it with our fireworks," said Kenneth Goff.

United Pentecostal Church on their BlackCat Firework fundraiser twice a year, days before New Year's and July 4.  

 "Unfortunately the sales in July were no where near what they have been in the past and of course we all know people have been cutting back," said Goff.

And he's hoping Thursday night and Friday sales will pick up.

 Goff's two daughters love helping out. Kaley Goff says the green hornets are her favorite.

 "They go around and around they spin and then they go up in the air," said Kaley Goff.

"I love fireworks," said Kenley Goff. "When we come home daddy brings home a lot of fireworks and we shoot them off." 

 3-2-1 Happy New Year. If you plan on counting down the new year. Why not start it off with a bang by buying fireworks?

They're selling them on St. Augustine Road next to Lowes. You can also stop by the church's gym on Bemiss Road to purchase fireworks. Some of the proceeds go towards repairing the gym's ceiling, walls, and doors.

So as you spread the new year cheer with fireworks, you're helping a good cause.

The United Pentecostal Church says the fireworks are safe and sane. Both locations on St. Augustine Road and Bemiss are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  

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