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Workers brave the cold

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) –South Georgians who work outside are braving cold temperatures.

The freezing weather we've had has postponed some construction jobs.

Workers at a car wash this week have struggled through it to get their job done.

Cold fingers come along with cold weather. Now imagine working at a car wash.

 "I can't even feel my fingertips right now," said Super Suds manager James Smith.

Smith says he's glad it has warmed up a bit and isn't too windy.

"You just rather stay busy," said Smith. "You just get used to it over time."

He says this time of the year they're pretty busy with travelers coming in to visit family.

Out on the construction site for a new First State Bank, crews are finally pouring concrete.

"It was extremely cold yesterday, bad windy, we couldn't even pour the concrete," said Darryl Peacock with Quillian Powell Construction Company. "We actually got it ready and poured today."

It has to be warm enough to do that kind of work.

"It has to be at least 38 degrees before you can start," said Peacock.

Those of us who work outside have to brave all kinds of weather conditions including these cold temperatures.

Are you having to wear a lot layers out here?

"Yes ma'm too many," said Peacock.

So before you go outdoors layer it up and be sure to wear a warm jacket and gloves.

The good news is forecasts show warmer temperatures later this week.

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