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Witness of deadly robbery speaks out

Enrique Locus Enrique Locus

By Ben Roberts - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – It seems like business as usual at Miscelanea Guante-Mex now, but look behind the counter and you'll see candles and flowers for 19-year-old Sentos Vicente in the spot where he died.

Surveillance video shows him at the counter doing reports for purchases when two robbers burst in last Friday night. 16-year old Enrique Locus said, "two black men came in, one had a gun. They came in and demanded money."

Locus was also behind the counter out of the camera's view. "I went straight to the floor behind that chair. My friend opened the cash register," he said.

The store has been robbed at least three times before. The young clerks told the robbers to take the money. "They wanted more," Locus said. "The other guy asked his partner to come around and get more money, because my friend did have money in his hand but tried to hide it. My friend didn't want to give the money and tried to take the gun away from him."

During the struggle Vicente was able to trip an alarm. "He did manage to press the alarm, when it went off I think that's what bothered the other one," Locus said. The gun went off and Vicente was shot in the head.

He was from Guatemala and had been here for about four years. Hector Perez is a customer at the store who is also from Guatemala. He didn't know the victim but said "it's very sad for the family and the community." He hopes the suspects face justice. "It'll be good if they caught them, so they don't continue robbing more stores," Perez told us in Spanish.

Though the killing still haunts him, Locus has fond memories of his friend. "He was funny, friendly and nice. He was here to better his life, and he was young.""

The store has a good security system that provided clear surveillance video of the crime, but the covered faces make the killers hard to recognize. The store does have a buzz button to enter and exit the store during late hours, but last Friday it was not working. Another worker tells us they plan to fix the safety lock on the door soon.

Friends plan to take Vicente's body back to Guatemala. They'll collect donations to help the family at that store at 2121 Radium Springs Road. Vicente is survived by two brothers and an uncle here in this country.

If you know anything about that robbery and murder, call Crime Stoppers at 436-TIPS. There is a reward in this case.

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