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Police search for thieves whole stole food

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

QUITMAN, GA (WALB) –Police are searching for thieves who broke into a restaurant and stole hundreds of dollars in food.

They believe the thieves are selling the stolen goods to buy drugs and alcohol.

This is the third break-in at Debi's Brickhouse in less than month.

Police say thieves pried open this door at Debi Brickhouse with a shovel and kicked it in. They then stole hundreds of dollars in food and cleaned out this meat freezer.

 "They put me out of business," said Debora Pounds, owner of Debi's Brickhouse. "They literally just killed me."

It's not the first time her business has been burglarized. It's the third time in just one month. The first two times, thieves took tvs, food, computers, money, and a Herschel Walker jersey and helmet.

"Everything we had we put in this place," said Pounds.

This is a picture of the two suspects from a nearby surveillance camera.

 "It's a possibility they may be selling the food to someone else," said Quitman Police Capt. Calvin Troy.

After making money off the items, police believe they may be buying drugs and alcohol.

Police want people to know that if you buy stolen goods you could be arrested too.

"If they take the property that was stolen property from someone else," said Capt. Troy. "If they take it they can go to jail for theft by receiving stolen property."

"I hope they're able to catch them," said Pounds.

"We're going to get them," said Capt. Troy.  "They left a lot of evidence and I have my investigators on it."

The crimes have been devastating for Debora Pounds, costing her thousands of dollars, and it's almost Christmas.

The two men in the photo are black. They were both wearing khaki pants.

One is about 6 feet 5inches tall and 200 pounds. He had on a camoflage jacket.

The other man is around 5 feet 8 inches tall and was wearing a flannel jacket and tennis shoes.

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